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Boo! [26 Aug 2006|04:29pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Ugh...I'm so full right now. xP I just got home from work, and ate a regular-sized sandwich, which normally doesn't even begin to fill me up. But lately it hasn't taken much to get me full. o_o; My stomach is shrinking!

So! Last night I went with Debs, Charlie, Jessie, HJ, Randy, and Mark (I think that's everyone xP) out to the City Museum. Originally we were supposed to go to some kind of place called "Sky Zone" where there's lots of huge trampolines scattered about for you to jump on, but that idea got ditched because when we got there, the place was crawling with annoying middle-schoolers and closed in an hour. Then after the City Museum, we went out to eat at Denny's. ^^ There's nothing better than going to a restaurant at one in the morning! xP

Work today kind of sucked, though. Katie ended up getting sick, and she was supposed to come in at four and close with Nick. Well, no one else was availible to work for her, and so for a while it really looked like I was going to have to take her shift and close for the night. Which would have sucked, since I have plans. But luckily, Katie's going to try working anyway, and Jerry said that if she really is just too sick, then he'll come in for her. =D

Also...*turns into a blushy pre-teen* Remember how in my last LJ entry, I mentioned that on Tuesday night I hung out with Debs, Charlie, and one of his friends, Mike? Apparently after I left Deb's house for the night, Mike told Charlie that he really liked me, and wanted my number...^^; But he didn't ask for it because he wasn't sure if he should, because he thought I was only seventeen and therefore not exactly legal, since he's twenty-one. xP But when Deb told me about it, I was like, "I'd be so interested, seriously!" and she gave me his cell phone number. I mean, Mike was really cute and fun to hang out with. ^^ *crosses fingers* So, wish me luck! xP

Tonight we're having a movie night! =D And renting Animal House, which is hilarious! It's the perfect college movie. xP

I leave you now with some wise words of wisdom...taken from the "Everyone Knows It's Dildo" video. Seriously. Go to Google, to their video section, and search for "dildo". The results will amaze you!

"What's long, a schlong, a marvelous dong? Everyone knows it's dildo!"


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Christie be a college student! [23 Aug 2006|07:37am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, on Monday, I started my classes at UMSL. ^^ The first day was kind of confusing, as far as finding a place to park. Plus, I made it to the room literally two minutes before my first class started, because traffic on 94 was horrible around Pralle. xP From now on I take the Zumbehl exit to I-70. But anyway, I started off with my Japanese class, which seems like it'll be cool. This girl and I talked for a while and then decided to stick together for the rest of the class, and most of the time was spent going around and saying, "ohayo gozaimasu" to each other. xP It seems like it'll be easy, mostly just drills and memorization. Thankfully it's only the basic Japanese class, so it shouldn't get too complicated!

After that, I had my European civilization class (gag me with a spoon, West Civ all over again) but luckily, I already like my new professor better than my old high school teacher. xP He's this really funny Korean guy, very over-enthusiastic. He also likes to cuss. xP He was explaining to us that if we could pick a time anywhere in the past to go back to, don't go back to the 14th century, "because life just...sucked. Plain out sucked some major ass." xP

Then, my last class of the day, Western Art and Architecture. Lecture style format, a million people in the class, nice big room, comfortable desks, most of the time will be spent with the lights off looking at slides. Nap time for Christie, basically. =D

My East Asian civilizations class, which meets evenings every Tuesday and Thursday, seems like it'll be...interesting. My professor is an absolutely ancient Asian guy named Winston (xP) but it'll be fun to learn about the history of China, Japan, Korea, etc. Classes in high school were always so Western-based. ;_;

Last night, I hung out with Debbie, Rachel, Charlie, and met another one of Charlie's friends, Mike. We went shopping at Wal*Mart for Debs, because she has to dress in business clothes for her college, Hickey College! Can you believe that...? I would hate that! xP Then Mike, Charlie and I got into a perfume war in one of the cosmetics aisles, and I STILL smell like some anonymous kind of perfume. Smells good though. xP After that we went back to Deb's house, hung out, got into a few wrestling matches/tickling fights on her bed, Mike proceeded to start whacking me with a pillow...we were ALL crowded on Deb's poor, poor bed, which we managed to mangle pretty badly. xP We also watched some fanstastic movies on her computer, such as the commercial "Everyone Loves a Dildo" and "The Racism Song." xP

Well, I got to go start getting ready for class...*sob* So, goodbye! ^^

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UMSL, whee! [18 Aug 2006|06:44am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Today Mickey and I are going to some sort of orientation for new students at UMSL. I'm not really sure what all it'll be, but luckily I already have my textbooks and everything, so I won't have to worry about buying any of that! I'm looking kind of forward to it...meeting other students and getting to see more of the campus. ^^

But I've been up and running till late late late these past few days! xP Let's see...on Monday, Debs, Charlie, one of his friends and I were going to go to Six Flags, but then we found out that they closed early at 6:00! That would have given us only three hours or so at the park! Instead, we drove around St. Louis and stopped by a few stores. Charlie's friend, Jenny, is half-Korean and we stopped by the Korean market for the heck of it. She can't speak the language, but she did recognize a bunch of food in there and suggest a lot of stuff for us. Including a huge block of seaweed! Ick! xP We rented The Poltergeist and went back to Deb's house with it. And after the movie, the four of us ended up having fun with Deb's black light (xP) and then planning out a road trip to some amusement park in Kansas City in October! That'll be so much fun! ^^

Oh, and apparently somebody at Quizno's is getting canned today when they come in for their paycheck. I was talking to Amy, our manager about it, and she wouldn't tell me who it was (she wouldn't even say if it was me or not, which makes me nervous, but I'm 99.9% certain that I wouldn't get fired xD), but all she said was that someone lately has pissed her off badly. I'm pretty sure that it's our newest girl, Rana, because she has a big crush on Cory and always has to act like a bimbo when he's around. Yesterday, we had a big meeting that everyone was required to attend so that Amy could talk with us about doing some things better, and Rana started doodling on the table and not even paying attention. She's also pretty disrespectful...at her interview, she came in talking on her cell phone and was like, "I'm in a rush...can we get this over with soon?" Nice professional attitude! xP

You know what's weird...if I had kept to my original plan of going to SEMO, I would have left home yesterday to go live down there. God, I'm SO glad that I spoke up (even last minute like I did xP) and arranged to go to UMSL instead. I was dreading college horribly before, but now I'm looking forward to it...I think it'll be a lot more fun than high school, since you can take more classes focused on a specific thing that you're interested in. I mean, I finally get to take an actual class in Japanese, instead of reading books/subtitles and trying to figure it all out! xP I'm going to drop my astronomy class though...it's my latest class (doesn't let out until 8:10 PM) and it would really bump down my available working hours. Not to mention, everyone has been telling me that taking seventeen credit hours is insane. xD

And now I need to go get into the shower before I leave...hopefully it'll wake me up!

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*blinks* [14 Aug 2006|08:31am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Things around my household have gone haywire lately! xP Yesterday, my brother left home to go live down at Central Missouri State University. He's going for a masters in math and also teaching (yes, like a professor or something) a freshman-level math class. o_o; So he's gone for good, out of nowhere. I didn't think that he was leaving for a few more weeks! I'm a little bit sad about it, but at the same time, I'm glad to see that he's finally moving on with his own life. It was time. =) Also, my mom got a job! She got it through Debbie's mom, who also works there. She's going to be a secretary in an optometrist's office. Today was her first day. I find it somewhat odd that Debbie and I work together, and our mothers work together. When and if we ever have children, we need to force them to work together too, okay Debs? xP

Last night I finally got a chance to watch V for Vendetta! Well, sort of. I kept falling asleep for most of it, and completely missed the last hour or so. I woke up to the credits rolling...Debbie was asleep...Charlie looked close to it...and I was like, "Did they blow up Parliament? BASTARDS!" But yeah, like I said...missed most of it. Need to watch it through again. xP

And today I get to go to Six Flags! ^^ *dances around* I'm excited! I haven't been since early April, when Mickey and I went together. I really want to try out this new ride they have, called Superman Tower of Power (what a stupid name). It's one of those towers where you sit in seats facing out around the perimeter, and it raises you up, and then drops you back down. Whee!

You know what I just realized...if I were still in high school, I would most likely be starting again either today or in a couple of days. But my college courses don't start until the 21st. And I get out for Christmas break like, a week sooner. I think I'm liking this whole college thing. xP But it does feel weird, because around this time of year I'm always gearing up for back-to-school, and now I'm...not. In an odd way, maybe I'll even miss FHN. Who knows. It was my school for four straight years, even though I wasn't fond of the place at all. xP

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My dog is being clingy. xP [11 Aug 2006|09:19am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Spunkie keeps following me around everywhere I go. Right now he's underneath the computer desk, sleeping on top of my feet. I'm slightly worried. Usually by now, I wouldn't HAVE feet anymore, but all he's doing is resting. Maybe he's near death or something. xP

Mmm...it rained last night. I love the morning after a good nightly storm. The air smells cleaner, somehow, and there's always a cool breeze. It appears that the rain dance I did yesterday morning took hold! =D!

I went to see You, Me, and Dupree with mi madre yesterday before going into work. It was cute...your typical comedy, nothing special, but I really like both Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson. She has unfairly gorgemous hair. ;_;

And today, around noon, I'm going down to the Loop with a guy I knew from high school. I'm afraid it'll be a bit awkward, because we went out on a date once my junior year, but I didn't really like him (like that) so afterwards I kind of avoided him. xP But he found me on Myspace, and we've been messaging each other back and forth for a while now with no problems at all. So hopefully it'll be fun! ^^ I love the Loop, either way. xP

So that's all for the daily update of Christie's amazing life and times! =D

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*yawns* [10 Aug 2006|09:05am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Okies, now I'm tired. I only got about five hours of sleep last night...I'm not sure why my body decided to wake me up at 8:30, but it did. xP I signed up for classes yesterday at UMSL! And suprisingly, even though I registered late, I didn't have to take many evening or morning classes. I'm taking a class in European civilization up to 1715, an art history class, an Eastern Asian civilizations class, Japanese I (!), and astronomy. That's seventeen credit hours, the most I can take as an incoming freshman, but I'm considering dropping a class because everyone - from my college advisor, to my mother, to my brother, to my friends - have told me that it's a seriously full plate.

I can drop a class within the first week of school, and not have to pay a dime for it, though! So I think I'm going to drop my European civilizations class...no offense, because I do love European history, it's just that I just went through a European civilizations class my senior year of high school...I don't really feel like repeating it! xP And I'm still going to minor in German, it's just that I have to take some kind of foreign language placement test in order to qualify for German II (since it's a sophomore level class). So I'm just going to take that next semester, along with my freshman comp and math class. Whee! =D

So afterwards I went to the campus bookstore...and proceeded to buy 500 dollars worth of books for all my classes. o_o; My European civilizations class required SIX books. Another reason I'm considering dropping it. xP But seriously, that's crazy! I've always heard that college books were expensive, but when I heard that price, I was stunned. xP

In other news...Miss Lauren called last night, asking me...no, more like TELLING me...that I had to take her boyfriend-thing back to the airport with her tomorrow. With me driving, of course. She has this insane fear of driving on the interstate, but what's especially annoying about it is that she won't ever admit to the fear, she just makes up silly excuses. Last night I told her that I had to work. Sorry, I need the hours! I can't just drop MY life to take her boyfriend-thing to the airport. That's her responsibility! And she was like, "I don't know the way, though!" Well, I didn't know the way any better than she did when I first went to go pick him up from the airport, and I still lived. She was seating right next to me in the passenger seat the entire trip, too...wasn't she paying attention to the way I was going? *shakes head* But I stood up for myself, which made me proud, because I've always been basically a carpet for people...very passive and quiet-spoken when it comes to standing my ground.

Mickey came over last night as well, and we hung out for a couple of hours! ^^ We went to Dairy Queen and got these waffle cone things that are freaking good. Except, I got dumping ice cream on myself. I was all sticky. ;_; And then she played some Silent Hill 4, which according to her, absolutely rocks. Now that I've finally heard a positive review of the game (most people didn't like it), I decided to go ahead and give it a try! ^^

Then Alex called around 9:30, right as Mickey had to leave. So I basically switched off friends. xP He came over with two movies, both of which I'd never seen - Natural Born Killers, and Zoolander. Natural Born Killers was good, but I think it would be better enjoyed if you were under the influence of certain drugs. xP And Zoolander was awesome! Owen Wilson was just absolutely hilarious in it. He's so...oddly adorable, with his broken nose. xP

Alex left around 3:00, I collapsed in my bed, and then proceeded to wake up at 8:30. Why does my body do this to me? *sobs* Oh well, I guess it's for the best! I wanted to run some errands in the morning. Like possibly taking my...off-blue car to be washed somewhere. It's quite dirty, especially since we haven't been getting ANY rain. xP *does a rain dance*

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Raging Rivers...! [08 Aug 2006|08:04am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Yesterday, after Debbie and I got off work, we and Mickey went over into Illinois to go to Raging Rivers Waterpark! It was fun, but a heck of a drive, and not much to do there. There were a few slides, but only one or two worth going on twice. The wave pool was fun, though. I can't swim worth a damn, but I think Debs and Mickey enjoyed watching me paddle around while getting beaten in the face by waves. xP

And a few days ago, my parents and I took a trip up to Hannibal. It was really cool, because that's where Mark Twain grew up/based a lot of his stories around. Even though I've never liked Mark Twain's writing very much (I couldn't even finish Huckleberry Finn, when I had to read it for American Lit xP), it was still neat to be able to tour his old childhood home. There were also tons of cute little shops around. And we took a tour through a nearby cave, too! I took lots of pictures, and as soon as I can I'll get them uploaded! ^^

Lauren came into Quizno's yesterday and apologized to me, but not to Debbie. We're both still a bit upset with her, but whatever. I don't think that her boyfriend-thing will be here much longer. xP

Oh! I just remembered something else! Dad mentioned something to me about getting the Internet hooked up to the computer in my room. *crosses fingers* That'd be convienient, because I'll probably be using it a lot more for college-related work than I did for high school.

Now I need to go get ready for a dermatologist appointment I have...;_;

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*annoyed* [05 Aug 2006|07:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Okies, remember what I said in my last post about Lauren's...boyfriend-thing, James, being cool? I'm not so sure of that anymore! Last night was a disaster. Charlie, Debs and I decided to go "kidnap" the two of them from Lauren's house. So we stopped by around 10:00 and managed to convince them to go to the City Museum with us. So Charlie drove all the way down there, into St. Louis, and by the time we get there it's too late to go to the City Museum. No big deal though, because there's a ton of other stuff to do down there. Shops, Union Station, walking by the Arch, etc. But Lauren and James didn't want to do ANYTHING. They just sat there and complained until Charlie finally gave up, and had to drive all the way back home. Basically we drove all the way into St. Louis for nothing. Lauren is also very overly-paranoid about Charlie's driving, too...she started yelling at him when he accelerated to get on the interstate. o_o;

Anyway, so we dropped them back off at her house. We had also invited them to go four-wheeling with us tomorrow, and I called Lauren up a bit ago to ask her what time she wanted to be picked up tomorrow morning. But she told me over the phone that they didn't want to go anymore because they didn't want to have to drive with Charlie again. But that's okay, because I was going to drive tomorrow anyway...Charlie and Debs were going to be taking his truck, but not us. But when I told Lauren that, she was like, "I still don't want to go. James and I don't like Charlie." Just flat-out, like that. Seriously rude of her...she and James were the ones that made Charlie drive all the way into St. Louis last night for absolutely nothing...so I got off the phone with her after that pretty quickly. I just don't know about this guy. At first I thought that James was just shy, but last night he was acting like a jerk. Not talking at all except to be rude to Charlie once about his supposedly "uncivilized" driving or something like that.

So yeah...that's the bit of drama going down in my life at the current moment. xP I just can't believe that Lauren would flat-out tell me that neither she nor James likes Charlie. I mean, by this point I consider Charlie to be one of my own friends...it's just rude. =/

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Lots of changes lately! [04 Aug 2006|09:00pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Lately, there's been quite a few changes made in the direction where my life is going! xP Most importantly...I'm no longer going away for college, to SEMO. Instead, I decided to go to UMSL for a year or so, and then see if I want to transfer somewhere else. I just really like where my life is at the current moment, like I said in a previous post! I love all of my friends, my job, my co-workers, and right now life here in St. Charles is going wonderfully for me. I didn't want to go to SEMO and have to leave it all behind. So, I'm keeping my job at Quizno's, and continuing to make money while earning a degree in history from UMSL! Wish me luck, guys! ^^

In other news...yesterday Debs and I went to the airport with Laureny to pick up her...boyfriend-thing, James. At least, I think it's her boyfriend. I'm not really sure. xP All I know is, she met him while playing FFXI, and he came here for a vacation for a week or so. But it didn't go well at the airport...Lauren, being Lauren (xP) didn't bother asking James his flight number, what gate he'd be coming through, even the airline he was flying on. *smacks head* Which meant that we were wandering around the airport for around three hours or so, paging him multiple times, etc. xP We finally found him, though! He seems cool, too. ^^ We went to Lion's Choice and got some food, took it back to Lauren's, and later on watched some of Princess Mononoke (Debs and I left before it was over, though).

Today I worked Deb's shift at Quizno's, and then went back to pick her up at 4:30. We met up with Charlie at his work, and then Debbie and I test-drove this really awesome, yellow truck that was the kind that are REALLY high up off the ground. A Dodge Ram, I think it was? Seriously nice truck, though! She drove it back to her house and showed her parents, and then we went to mine and showed it to my dad. Debbie really wants to buy it, but unfortunately she doesn't make enough money working at Quizno's...pshaw! xP

Now I need to run and get dressed...Lauren called saying something about...Dairy Queen? Ice cream? Hmm...=D

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*yawns* [02 Aug 2006|12:06pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

OMG, I slept in until 11:30 this morning. Very magical. My body has been slowly recovering from the lack of sleep I got while in Branson. xP Well, I did go to bed pretty late last night, too. Around 2:30, I think it was. Charlie, Debs and I went four-wheeling down underneath the 3-70 bridge over the Missouri River, and then we went to Behlmann's where he works and used their power hoses to wash off his muddy (from Sunday) truck, four-wheeler, and our clothes from Sunday as well. It took forever! xP But now I finally have my capris and black tank-top back!

The Benjamin Franklin exhibit yesterday was...all right. In all honesty, I don't really get into American history all that much. I would be foaming at the mouth if they opened some kind of European history exhibit, but unfortunately that doesn't happen often around here! xP

Oh, and I have good work-related news, too! Apparentely, Elizabeth said something to Jerry (my boss) about how he should promote me to closing manager. He agreed with her, but said that he didn't want to right before I left for SEMO, because then I would just have to be re-trained on how to close when I come back for Christmas break. So I'm thinking I'll probably be promoted when I come back home, since I'll be working at Quizno's over breaks! ^^

Um...so that's been my life so far...running around almost 24/7 and trying to ignore the fact that SEMO is slowly but surely creeping up on me. *is very nervous about starting college* I keep reminding myself of all the other times I've been nervous about starting/doing a new thing, though, and how it all worked out. I was nervous starting my job at Gamestop, nervous about starting high school, nervous about starting work at Quizno's...and obviously, all that worked out in my favor. So it'll be fine. Yup. *crosses fingers* xP

And now I'm going to relax around my house until I go into work at 5:00. I want to rent Final Destination 3...it's finally out, and I never got a chance to see it in theatres. Hopefully it's as creatively cheesy as the last two were! xP

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Happy August! [01 Aug 2006|12:18pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I think that this is probably my least favorite month of the year. xP It's just so hot, and plus, there's that whole going-back-to-school feel about it. But I am happy that I'm not going back to FHN...college will be a fresh start. I was really ready to leave high school!

So, fourwheeling on Sunday was soooo much fun! ^^ The drive down there was nice - I sat in the back of Charlie's truck, on one of those fold-out seats, and there was a cooler for me to put my feet up on. Very relaxing. I fell asleep on the way back home. xP I was on his friend Jim's utility bike most of the day, which was awesome because it's not a clutch. Which means it was a lot easier to drive! Plus, Debs and I found a very nice little patch of four-feet-deep mud to play around in. We were covered head to foot by the time we left. xD Good thing we brought a change of clothes with us! She took pictures with her digital camera~

Whee! Fourwheeling!Collapse )

And then later that night, we got pizza from Papa John's, then went to Lyon's for ice cream, then came back to my house and watched When a Stranger Calls, which was a lot better than I figured it would be.

Yesterday I ended up getting called into work because Alex didn't show up on time. And of course, just ten minutes after I got there, he shows up saying that he had been sleeping and lost track of time. xP But he was all out-of-it, and I wanted the extra hours, so I stayed there in his place. We weren't busy in the least, just the way I like it. =D

Today I'm going to the Missouri Historical Society down in Forest Park, for some kind of Benjamin Franklin exhibit they have going on! *goes into nerd mode* xP It should be fun! And then later on tonight, I'm going underneath some bridge by 3-70 to practice on Charlie's bike again...last time I tried, I kept killing it, so wish me luck...xP

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*yawns* [30 Jul 2006|12:03am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm sleepy...;_; I just got done spending most of the night over at Deb's house, at a barbecue for Charlie's birthday. It was good, and I was proud of myself...I ate (most of) a beef teriyaki shishkabob! xP Worst vegetarian ever! And tomorrow I'm going four-wheeling down at St. Joe's with him, Deb and a bunch of his friends. It should be fun! Hopefully I've gotten better at driving those! xD

Today I went back to work, and had fun...I really do love my job. Well, not the job itself, but my co-workers! I worked with Elizabeth, Alex, and Nick. Got free food and goofed off most of the time. =D Alex and I were having fun acting ghetto and "raising the roof" (xP), but we couldn't get Nick to do it at all! He's such a bummer! xD Plus, Alex gave me a very luvverly massage. My arms/upper shoulders had been aching because of all the swimming I did while in Branson, and after he got done, I was like la~ No more achey Christie! ^^

Ugh, college soon...man, I really don't want to go! I love where my life is right now, my job and my friends, and how it's all going at the moment. I'm afraid that it'll all change when I move down to Cape Girardeau. I'm not worried or shy about meeting new people, or anything like that, it's more that I don't want to have to make all new friends. I like my friends, and my Quizho's (yes, I spelled that with an "h" intentionally). xP But oh well, hopefully all will go well! And if it doesn't for any reason, then hey, we pay for it by semester - meaning that if I truly despise it at SEMO, I'll be back up here after Christmas. xD

I need to go to bed soon...I want to go to bed soon...but Alex is probably going to call my cell at 2:30 in the morning, like he has a bad habit of doing, wanting to watch Lost with me again. xD I got him hooked on it! *joy* He's at the part where Boone dies, and Claire has her babeh. He and I were talking about how damn addicting that show is...you start to watch it, and five episodes later you're like, "...how long have I been sitting here for?" xD He came over a couple of weeks ago and we watched The Hills Have Eyes, which also has Claire in it, but as an angry, axe-wielding teenager. It was a gross movie! But gross doesn't bother me so much. xP

But yeah...*keeps yawning* Sleep gooooooooood. =D

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All right, ya'll! [29 Jul 2006|08:27am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Now for the moment that I'm sure every single one of you was waiting for. A Branson trip picture diary...thingie! xP I had so much fun, I absolutely love it down there. Very gorgeous place. I could live there...in fact, I wanted to go to college down there, but the only one is MSU in Springfield which...I hear is a heavy party college. *tear* But anyway, here are the lovely piccers! ^^

La, Branson!Collapse )

So yeah, there's some of my pictures! I had a lot of fun, and best of all, got to meet a very nice-looking man...see Mickey's LJ post for more details and a picture! He was such a sweetie, and he smelled really good. Like, extremely good. Very aromatic individual.


Last night was Charlie's birthday party! It was fun; beforehand Rachel, Debbie and I went out to the Dollar Store and bought him twenty-one gag gifts...like a training bra, and a pirate hat and sword, etc. xD Then we went to a place called Cicero's down in the Loop and got pizza! It was gooood. =D

The end! Now I'm skipping merrily off to the shower. I go back to work today, and I'm kind of oddly looking forward to it...I really <3 my co-workers. xD I think we're going to be having another Quizno's party soon! But this time around, only people who actually work there! xD

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Whee! [28 Jul 2006|05:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm back from Branson! And I've got pictures too, but at the moment I don't have time to put them up because I'm going out with Debs, Charlie and some of their friends to celebrate his twenty-first birthday! Whoo alky-hol! xD But once I get back from the party, I'll put some up! In short, we saw a bunch of hicks, enjoyed mountains, went on roller coasters, and got to meet an incredibly hot guy! =D

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Whee! Tomorrow! ^^ [22 Jul 2006|10:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

...is when we're leaving for our exotic vacation getaway to the paradise known as...Branson, Missouri! We'll be surrounded by country singers, hillbillies, and mountains, but the main appeal is mostly that we'll be on our own. xP I can't wait to leave! I'm picking Mickey up sometime tomorrow morning, and the drive takes around four or five hours. Charlie and Deb also said something about showing me different routes through Branson that don't involve driving on the (always super-packed) main strip. I think I'm going running around noon with Debs, so I'm going to ask her then! xP

I did some more clothes shopping last night. I bought a t-shirt, a new pair of capris, and these uber-uber-uber-comfortable sweatpants that I'm going to use for exercising from now on!

Ugh. I have a lot to do today. Dad is going to show me how to check some stuff on my car, Mom is going to show me how to balance my checkbook, I need to cash my paycheck at the bank, I want to go running around noon, I told Laureny we'd do something together when she gets off work at three, I need to pack, I want to go shopping for some refrigerated things to take to Branson with Mickey and get a cooler, I also need to stop by the library, and I'm hanging out with Mickey tonight. But for right now I'm lazing around, sipping my coffee, and enjoying my damn morning! xD

I'll see you all in around a week, bitches! Wish me luck that Mickey and I don't get stranded on the side of the road and eaten by cannibalistic hillbillies! ^^

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*yawns* [20 Jul 2006|11:30am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

OMG, I'm so wiped out right now...I probably only got about five hours of sleep last night. xD We had our Quizno's party last night! Well, kind of...even though there were a few people there that don't even work at Quizno's, but they were cool, so it was all right. xD We didn't end up having it at a hotel, because no one wanted to mess with taking the time to get a room, so instead we all went over to a coworker's boyfriend's house. It was fun! Just kind of laid-back...we played this game called Apples to Apples...where you pick out seven cards that all have random words on them, like "crystal balls" or "World War II" and then a card would be put down in the middle that had an adjective on it, like "shy" or "creative" and everyone had to pick one of their cards that they thought went with the adjective the best. And then the person judging would pick what they thought was the best one. I got second place, biatch! xD

We played for awhile...and then it was like, one in the morning, so a lot of people left, but I stayed along with Elizabeth, her boyfriend Dan (whose house it was), and Alex, and we watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which was...the STRANGEST movie I think I've ever seen in my life. xD But the music was awesome! And by then it was like, three in the morning, so we all got dropped off and I collapsed. And slept for five hours. And now have to go in to work. xD

Oh yeah, and our power also went off last night! That was a blast and a half, let me tell you. xD No air conditioning, nothing to do, sitting in pitch blackness with my parents...I'm glad that the party was last night, which gave me an excuse to get out of the house. xD It stormed really bad last night, while I was at work. Elizabeth and I had to take out the trash, and we were honest to God barely able to stand up/walk in the wind. It was crazy fun. xD

I should probably go get dressed now...I'm going in a little early so I can eat...=D

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OMG! [19 Jul 2006|03:29pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

So, today I finally got to find out my roommate/dorm hall information from SEMO. And I have to say, now that I know, I'm actually starting to get pretty excited. Mostly because I don't have to live in a community-style dorm hall! Meaning that instead of my room being this really tiny room without a bathroom, and the bathroom being down at the end of the hall for everyone to share (like a locker room or something), my room is suite-style. So I just share a bathroom with the two people living next door to me (our two rooms are adjoined with a bathroom). Also, the room I'm in is much bigger, with storage space and even a sink/mirror deal. Yeah, in short, basically that's awesome! I was so worried I'd have to live in a community-style dorm hall! And better yet, because I applied to be in this "cultural diversity-themed community" thing, meaning that the rooms around mine are mostly foreign exchange students/people who are interested in different cultures, my roommate is from Taiwan! xD Maybe it's Ke-hua...that'd be weird. OMG, I can't believe how excited I am now.

...maybe there'll even be a bunch of Asian men living near me, too. I hope, I hope.

Hey, a girl can dream! xD

But other than that exciting bit of information, lately I've been doing a lot of running around. Yesterday I got a pedicure so that my tootsies would be nice and purdy for Branson! I love how they came out - I got light purple polish, and then the lady who was painting them offered to do a design of little white flowers on my big toenail. It looks really neat! ^^ Mickey and I went grocery shopping a few days ago, too, and mostly got things that don't require refrigeration. Even though our room does have a fridge! We just don't want to end up doing a lot of eating out while we're down there, because that gets expensive after awhile. I'm really excited about the trip, too, OMG! An entire week, down in Branson, without parents or rules or a curfew or worrying about letting them know where I am....ah. Not to mention, getting to go back to Silver Dollar City, and White Water! And being back down in the Ozark Mountains! I love it down there, the scenery is just absolutely gorgeous.

Last night I also did a little bit of clothes shopping with Debs, at the mall. Rue 21 was having a fantastic sale...I managed to buy a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, and this adorable top all for under twenty dollars. Good deal! Then we stopped by the pet store and played with a Shiba Inu puppy! For those who don't know, those dogs are just cute beyond words. It looked like a little fox, and it was so hyperactive...it kept scurrying around the room and like, body slamming the walls. I don't know what the dog was on, but it was entertaining. xD

Today I went running with Lauren, although it was so hot that we only managed to do a mile before we ran out of steam. Usually we manage to do a mile-and-a-half to two, but oh well! It was better than nothing! And it felt good to be out there, stretching out my leg muscles and getting a workout.

Now I should probably start getting ready for work! I'm actually looking forward to it tonight - I work with Elizabeth and Katie, so it'll basically be girl's night again. Hopefully we aren't too busy, either! I've noticed that on hot days, people usually don't like to eat hot, toasted food, you know? They want like, ice cream and cold stuff. So stay away from Quizno's tonight, mmmkay? =D

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Hmm... [14 Jul 2006|01:52pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I've had a very nice, lazy last few days! I haven't been doing much but relaxing around my house. =) A few nights back, Mickey and I went to a new mall called Crestwood (and by new, I mean that we'd never been there before xP). It was actually a pretty nice place, even though you could tell that it was older. I had my euphoric cookie moment there. xD

And I also managed to find a game that I've been looking everywhere for, called Shadow Hearts. So far it's really good - the main thing that I love about it is that it's actually set in 1913, and the game spans Eurasia...you actually get to visit Shanghai, London, etc. So there's a lot of history involved, even though it's a bit skewed because it's a horror RPG - lots of darker tones/magic use. And apparently, in the second game, Anastasia Romanov joins your party for a while. xD So yeah, I like it!

Not to mention, the music is absolutely gorgeous. I was playing it and kept thinking to myself, "the background music is stunning...I wonder who composed it?". And of course, I looked it up later to find that the music was composed by...Yasunori Mitsuda! xD What a shocker! xD God, that man is such a genius. *worships*

Yesterday I also had a mother-daughter day with Mom, which was nice! ^^ We went out to Creve Coeur and ate lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, and then went to see The Break-Up at the uber-nice AMC theater that's down there. The movie was actually much funnier than I expected it to be...I really liked it! =D And we also stopped by the Korean bakery and smuggled a few things into the theatre. I got some kind of chocolate rings that were seriously good. xD

So we're planning a Quizno's party for this weekend, too! xD We're all (sans the boss, of course, and the older worker named Darlene xD) going to have some kind of sleepover/party either this Saturday, or next weekend. Alex wants to have a motel party, but so far that idea isn't going over so well, because nobody (including me) likes those cheap, nasty motels. xD But either way, it'll be fun! I still need to tell Debs about it, too! xD

And then, on Sunday, I'm driving down to SEMO with my dad. Blah! I wish I didn't have to, but at least the drive is short...only an hour and a half or so. =) I should be getting my roommate/dorm hall assignment any day now, too. *crosses fingers* Hopefully it's a girl who lives close by, so we can try and hang out before we move in together. xD

So, yeah...I'm going to have a busy next few days! Later on Laureny and I are going running/to the mall, and I also need to stop by work to pick up my paycheck and my schedule. But for now I'm going to continue to laze around my house, plzkthnx! xD

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The cookie that has forever changed my life. [11 Jul 2006|09:33pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I had a Great American cookie today. At the mall. And it was the best damn thing I've ever had before, period. The bliss that I felt while eating it, and the extreme joy and fun which I experienced during its consumption, is incomparable to anything else that has ever happened to me before. Just felt like sharing.

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Whee! Blowing stuff up! ^^ [05 Jul 2006|08:16am]
[ mood | calm ]

So, yesterday was the Fourth of July! And I'm happy to say that it was one of the best Fourths I've ever had! Just a really good, fun night. ^^ Around five, Lauren came and picked me up and we went out to eat at Red Lobster. I love that place...they have the best food. xD And then we went to a fireworks stand to buy explosives. xD I was really proud of myself...I went around nabbing all the cheap stuff (like tiny cones that shoot sparks, sparkles, and popper things) and all in all, only spent seven dollars! ^^ I was amazed when the lady rung me out. xD Then we went back to Laureny's house to wait for it to get dark, and I watched most of Chronicles of Narnia...which was cute, but really corny and over-the-top in a lot of ways. Definetely more of a kid's movie! But I read the book when I was younger, and loved it. ^^

We took a little walk around her neighborhood and then, walked up to Barnwell and decided to set the fireworks off from the Becky David playground blacktop, since it was the darkest up there. I enjoyed one of mine in particular, this little cone-shaped firework who's top exploded at the very end, which had Bin Laden painted on the side and was called "Exploding Bin Laden Noggin". Very amusing. xD And green sparklers, too! I had forgotten how pretty those things are! ^^

After we were done, we noticed some people down in the Barnwell parking lot (which the Becky David playground kind of overlooks, because its set on a hill next to the parking lot) setting off SERIOUSLY nice, expensive fireworks, the kind you see in displays. So we started swinging and it felt like you were swinging up into the fireworks as they went off. Very cool feeling. ^^

I saw Eriny last night, too! ^^ We exchanged games/DVDs that we had borrowed from each other. Yes, no more Magical Melody for Christie...xD And she gave me this adorable little stuffed dog that looks exactly like Spunkie! It was so cute! ^^

So yes, very good Fourth of July! xD Now I should probably start getting ready for work...I hope Amy comes in today, so it's not just Jerry and I working, because only two people for both the lunch rush AND the dinner rush? Not cool. xD But she said it depends on how hungover she is, so...hopefully she took some Advil last night or something before she went to bed! xD

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